Formatting an Entire Worksheet in Excel

Have you ever scrolled down or across an Excel worksheet, and noticed that the background color is no longer showing in the cells? Or maybe the font has changed from the one you always use to a generic font from your settings. This can cause your workbook to appear unprofessional, or for people to wonder what you were thinking when you built your worksheet.
There is an easy way to solve this problem, but you need to ensure you want to format the entire worksheet in the same manner, as the method shown in the video below will format the entire worksheet. No matter how far you scroll down or to the right, the Excel worksheet will have this selected formatting.
This does not mean that you will be unable to make changes in a few cells within the worksheet, which is actually easier than making changes in an unknown number of cells, or that the chosen formatting effects the entire workbook, as selecting the entire worksheet only effects the current active worksheet.
One note about numbers, and their format across an entire worksheet, is that dates are considered numbers. For example, formatting every number as currency will change dates to currency as well (as will changing all numbers to General, Number, Accounting, Percentage, Fraction, and Scientific). Watch the video below to see how to quickly format your worksheet:

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