Save valuable time with the Double-click Fill Handle in Excel

Creating usable worksheets can be a hassle, especially when you constantly have to left-click the fill handle of the cell and drag the information down to some distant row. This is even more of a pain, when you have to do it repeatedly, which feels like a waste of valuable time. If you have ever had to do this, you know exactly what we are talking about, especially when your information needs to be copied anywhere past row 100.  Moreover, if you then have to remember which line you previously stopped at, the frustration can quickly build.
Luckily, Excel has a nice piece of functionality that can alleviate this hassle, in most cases. This works for text, formulas (even 3D formulas), numbers, and any other such task, as long as Excel understands what you are trying to do.
Typically, the first column you are building will need to be manually dragged down, but after that, Excel will auto-populate additional columns of information. This works for smaller sections as well, again, as long as Excel understands what you are trying to do. Check out this video showing different uses for this functionality to save yourself some time!

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